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About This Service

We follow the security guideline while in the web-development process, there is no need to install as such software to secure. We are looking at your website more than one way. Which includes On-going scanning & removal, advance security monitoring, and malware prevention as well final monitoring. Fully engaged team ensuring that your web will totally anodyne. Our consultants will present a number of options & suggestion that will be of fresh and errorless code, fully responsive and progressive & website.

Risk Assessment
PCI Compliance
Malware Detection
DDoS Protection
WordPress Hardening
SSL Encryption
Firewall Configuration
Cross Site Scripting Protection
SQL Injection Protection
Single Sign On
Brute Force Protection
HIPPA Compliance

Malware Detection, Prevention & Removal Service

The Comodo malware detection scanning, preventive methods and removal services enable organizations to take a proactive approach to protecting their business and brand reputation from malware attacks and infections. Comodo cWatch Web can identify malware, provide the tools and methods to remove it, and help to prevent future malware attacks at the edge before it hits the network, all included as part of the security bundle.

Malware Detection

Comodo cWatch Web provides continuous monitoring of your website and immediate alerts in the event of a security incident.

Malware Removal

Directs you to the main cause and helps remediate the cause, hardening your websites to prevent future attacks.

Malware Prevention

Unsuspecting websites could get infected with malicious code. cWatch protects your website from malicious actors.

Cyber Security Operations Center

24/7 security monitoring by certified security experts using state-of-the-art technology helps you respond to incidents.

Got hacked? Google blocks your website?

We can clean and help to remove your website from blacklists within 24 hours. Our Search Engine Blacklist Monitoring tool can prevent the loss of search engine ranks.

  • Fast Malware Removal
  • Future Attacks Prevention
  • We fix the bugs
  • Guarantee
  • We fix the bugs
  • We fix the bugs

How We Secure Your Websites?


Malware & Threats


Backdoors & Malware


Your Website


Website & Files


Scripts & Files


Stable & Secured


$199/ ONCE*
  • My website is infected with malware
  • Received a malware alert on Google Webmaster Tools
  • My website is blacklisted
  • My website is loading slower than usual
  • There is a warning about my site on Google
  • My site is sending emails on its own
  • My hosting provider shut down my site due to malware
  • I'm seeing strange files and/or folders
  • There are strange redirects happenning on my site
  • My site is not loading
Purchase & Repair


$24.92/ MO*
  • Threats instantly detected & removed. t
  • 24/7 Cyber Security Operation Center
  • Managed Web Application Firewall
  • Real Content Delivery Network
  • SIEM Threat Detection
  • Threats instantly detected & removed. t
  • Instant Malware Removal
  • Website Hack Repair
  • Full Blacklist Removal
  • Daily Malware & Vulnerability Scan
  • Website Acceleration
  • DDoS Protection
  • Bot Protection
  • Vulnerability Removal
Purchase & Protect


$0.00/ FREE*
  • My website is infected with malware
  • Received a malware alert on Google Webmaster Tools
  • My website is blacklisted
  • My website is loading slower than usual
  • My hosting provider shut down my site due to malware
  • There are strange redirects happenning on my site
Free Clean Up

Industry Leading Threat Detection & Prevention

Countries being monitored
Endpoints gathering data
New unique unknown files found per week on average
New malware threats detected per week on average
Files analyzed manually by the CSOC per week on average
Faster website performance reported on average
Attacks blocked each month on average per customer
Support ticket resolution satisfaction

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